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Treasure of the month

Agates, hard and bright pearls, with their special polish are particularly appreciated for their natural veins which form aesthetic or magic diagrams.

The most famous are the natural "GZI pearls" (some are made artificially with acids to accentuate a part of their design, some are made of imitation glass) and the clear blue agates from Kashmir.

Jades were used in the Burmese and the Chinese part of the Himalaya region, they symbolize purity, have tonality and are incorruptible.

Lapis lazuli, the night stone coming from Mazar y Sharif in Afghanistan have some pyrite inclusions which making a design of “gold points” that can be used instead of turquoises and is especially appreciated in China.

Ornaments from the Himalayan area are protections against bad luck, these ethnic necklaces often melted and reorganized with old and new melted pearls (these are to be sold by piece only) in order to ovoid a karmic transmigration from one person to another.

Theses necklaces have semi-precious colored materials, usually made of hand polished stones, with a hole form one part to the other, they were long enough for the head to get through easily.

Newborn babies received two pearls as acharm.

Bright red coral is the color of the blood and the symbol of life.
Seasonal immigrants from Nepal and India can dug the earth and extracted the precious Turquoise stones, which were used to absorb negative energies and keep demoniac forces at distance.

The shaman used the stones to cure people.
Orange and green jasper for instance are good for the heart and spasmodic episodes.

Hard Himalayan stones, white, black, green whose names and local signification are almost unknown, appear sometimes beside the traditional pearls.


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