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Hinduism - Nepal

Hinduism, an old religion with have  animist origin, and local divinities, which all form the Brahmanism in the India of VEDA, where all cosmic aspects of the word were divinized.

Men and their society where a transposition on earth of  the gods world  like a try to explain it.

Gods, masters and schools were all in competition. Finally SHIVA , god of destruction and VISHNU god of conservation, received the largest following.

Their wives UMA and LAKSHMI, their children like GANESHA received also a cult.

The gods came to earth and mingled among animals or human creatures, especially Vishnu with his AVATARA when  reform was needed or their was a difficulty on earth.

In parallel certain primitive cults coninued to the benefit of ancient local gods like the rivers and their NAGA, some trees and particular stones....

The JAÏN religion which focused on non-violence AHIMSA, veganism, nature and the respect of all king of life. MAHAVIRA his leader, like the BUDDHA, searched for MOKSHA or liberation.

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