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The Japanese sword is a revered ritual object (when they wanted, they welcome the blade), a work of art, (curvature, gorges, ornaments) a technological feat for its time, a social sign (that is the delivery of its first Wakisachi to that transforms the 13 years young in SAMURAI) and a weapon (fake copies of wood or metal were often used). The sharp end as a razor, flexibility, strength remarkable given the length of the blade, combined with relative lightness made the world-renowned masters of Japanese.

The Chinese Emperor Qian Long (18th century) had mounted a Japanese blade on one of his personal daggers. The secret of composite alloy steel, the forge with lamination of metal, dipping the blade and polishing the delicate works are unique and successful calling for nearly two months. The most famous are the long or short Katana, Tanto (a kind of dagger) and Wakisachi (short sword) The SAMURAIS’ will bear a long and a short on the same side.

Among the ornaments, TSUBAS (it protects the hand that could drag on the sword) deserve special mention. Iron, cast iron or valuable alloys, they learn about the tastes of their owners by the theme chosen, and the materials used and can be changed according to circumstances.

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