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Hinduism - Thaïland

FUNAN and DVARAVATI were kingdoms ruled by the cultural and social model of INDIA, with a powerful cast of Brahmans.

During the 6-th century the Khmer empire also represented Hinduism occupying a large part of the Funan region, it was not until the 14 th century,  when Khmer civilisation ended,  that Hinduism in Thailand declined.

The founder of the powerful AYUTHAYA dynasty developed his faithful in THERAVADA Buddhism and wrote in the Pali language instead of the traditional Sanskrit.

The animist beliefs of the most ancient people of the region persist today in Thailand : the CHAO THI domestic cults of the spirit of place which were realized by multiple constructions, " the houses of spirits" miniature structures in front of homes were flowers and food offerings were testament to a daily cult.

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