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Buddhism - Thaïland

SIAM mostly followed THERAVADA schools using the Pali language; it was divided into small states whith each developing its own a particular style.

Some Mahayana schools also had a small audience.

The most well known style area the SUKHOTHAI , with its special mention of the “walking Buddha,” and the AYUTHYAYA style with long faces and almost transparent monastic dresses, pinned on the body, later in the middle of 18-th century the RATANAKOSIN style is easy to recognize with the small flowers that decorate the dresses.

Also worth mentioning is the U-THONG style with heir rounded faces and curved eyebrows and the more geometric forms of LAO styles.

The Head of the Buddha is often surmounted in the RAMSI, looking like a lotus bud, a cone or a burning flame.

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